Toyokoro is noted for its widely-recognized "Harunire" Elm Tree,which was used in a car commercial several years ago, and broadcast throughout Japan.

The Harunire has come to symbolize the four seasons of Hokkaido, and the vast farming and natural areas of northern Japan.

It is noted for its unusually balanced form--which in fact is the result of two trees joined together.


Toyokoro is located on the south-east coast of Hokkaido, 20km. from the Pacific Ocean.

Several hamlets are within the scope of Toyokoro's region: Otsu is a port hamlet at the mouth of the Tokachi River on the coast, Ninomiya is a farming hamlet 8 km from Toyokoro on the west side of the river.Tofutsu is another farming hamlet on the east side of the river.

Toyokoro is dividedby the Tokachi River into Moiwa, which is actually where the town's main street and businesses are located, and Toyokoro, which is the primarily residential and farming area on the east side of the river. There are 4,500 residents living in the district of Toyokoro


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