About Toyokoro


Toyokoro's History

Toyokoro is one of the oldest pioneer towns in eastern Hokkaido. Founded in 1880, Ninomiya village predated the rapid colonization of the Meiji era. Ninomiya village was founded by a farmer-sage ofthe Ninomiya family, who emigrated from southern Japan.

In many places in Toyokoro and Hokkaido,statues of Ninomiya, reading a book while walking and carrying a bundle of sticks on his back, can be seen.

Toyokoro's Climate

Protected by the Hidaka Mountain range, the Tokachi District is sheltered from the heavy rain and snow experienced by towns on the west side of the range. In winter, temperatures are cold, reaching a low of -25c in late January and early February,but it is generally bright and sunny with moderate snowfall.

In summer, the ocean air brings high humidity, cool breezes and mild temperatures, reaching up to 30c in June, July and August. Rainfall averages 10cm a year.

Toyokoro's Industry

Toyokoro was founded in 1906 as a district of nearly 54,000 hectares. The area is known for its high-quality daikon radish, which is served under sushi in restaurants across Japan. Buckwheat,red Adzuki beans, corn, potatoes, cabbage and many other vegetables are grown. Cattle raising for meat and milk is also a significant farming activity.

Toyokoro Town manages a very large collective pasture where the cows spend their summers.

In Otsu town, fishing is the main livelihood. A large port handles incoming boats laden with many varieties of fish, and outgoing boats taking the catch to other destinations. In the fall, the large salmon run keeps the fishermen busy during the winter months.

Getting to Toyokoro

Toyokoro is about 45 minutes from Obihiro City, a city of about 170,000 people.

Ikeda is Toyokoro's nearest neighbouring town, about 15km away. Ikeda is sister-city with Penticton, which is also 15km away from Toyokoro's sister city of Summerland, British Columbia.

Obihiro Airport is also about 50 minutes away. Obihiro Airport is about a 1.5 hour flight from Tokyo's domestic airport of Haneda.

Flights from Tokyo's International Airport of Narita fly to Chitose Airport near Sapporo.

Trains from Sapporo are about 2.5 hours from Toyokoro.


The View of Moiwa and Moiwa Mountain from the air